"To encourage students from kindergarten through twelfth grades to reach their full potential while enhancing their personal growth."



"New Summit School will become the leader in Mississippi for providing exceptional and innovative educational services for students with diverse learning styles."

North New Summit School was established in Greenwood, Mississippi, in 2004 as a full-time, co-educational school offering classes for students in kindergarten through twelfth grades. North New Summit School is a part of New Learning Resources School District that also encompasses New Summit School, South New Summit School, Spectrum Academy, Oxford University School, New Learning Resources Online, and Mississippi Dyslexia Centers. 


North New Summit School is designed similarly to traditional schools, the emphasis is placed on keeping instructional groups small and teaching to the individual student in a positive and stimulating environment. North New Summit School is committed to an educational philosophy that considers the diverse needs of today’s students and families. Our goal is to promote academic achievement and social growth within an environment enriched by economic and ethnic diversity.


In addition to offering the compulsory subjects required by an accredited school, North New Summit School incorporates innovative educational approaches into the daily curriculum model. Our experienced educators and counselors take pride in reaching all of our students equally while taking into account the various learning styles and skill levels that are represented. Through an initial assessment, the staff of North New Summit School determines each student’s instructional needs and custom-designs an educational plan suited to meet those needs.


At North New Summit School, we strive to encourage our students to reach their full academic and creative abilities, develop strong values, and eventually determine how they will contribute to the community in their own individual way.


We welcome your interest in exploring our website and we invite you to contact the Office of Admissions to schedule a tour of the campus and to learn more about what our school can offer students and their families.




Keith Davis

Headmaster of North New Summit School 

Our Philosophy

North New Summit is dedicated to the educational philosophy that considers the diverse needs of today's students and families. The school recognizes the need for non-traditional instruction settings that provide individual academic attention while encouraging emotional and social growth.

Our History

New Learning Resources, Inc. was established in 1991as an educational training service to include an onsite learning lab. Because of the demand for more full-time educational services for school aged children, the learning lab grew into a full serve school in 1995-1996. At that time, NLR expanded its services t a full-time school, North New Summit School earned its accreditation through the MS Department of Education and AdvancED/SACS.