Nathan Wright

Athletics Instructor 


North New Summit School offers an Archery Program to student in grades   7-12. The program is designed to teach the students safety, mental concentration, physical fitness, and self-improvement. This also helps with self-confidence, motivation, behavior, concentration, and focus. Archery is a sport in which nearly everyone can be successful regardless of age, size, or physical ability. 



North New Summit School offers basketball for middle & high school students. Students and parents, as well as faculty members have pushed to include more athletic programs. Each year we hope to expand this program and make sure we reach our full potential. If you are in grades 7-12 and interested in joining the basketball team, you must display the skills and knowledge demanded for the sport.



As crowd leaders and spirit raisers, the cheer team are the team behind the team. As ambassadors for the school and representatives of student-athletes, cheerleaders rally students, alumni and community members to attend our basketball games. 

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