"To encourage students from kindergarten through twelfth grades to reach their full potential while enhancing their personal growth."



"North New Summit School will become the leader in Mississippi for providing exceptional and innovative educational services for students with diverse learning styles."

Not only do we expect parents to be involved in the academic process and progress of their children, we also rely on parents to support the progress of the school by participating in Parents 4 North New Summit. There will be many opportunities for parental involvement throughout the year including:

  • Lower School Room Parent (The “Room Parent” will be responsible for coordinating activities, gathering supplies, or representing their class when asked by the teacher.)

  • Uniform Swap Shop (Help with the set-up, organizing of donations, and aide in days that the shop is open.)  

  • Scholastic Book Fair (Help with the set-up and volunteer time to operate the register throughout the week of the book fair: September 2nd- 5th.)

  • Veteran's Day (Help with community service projects and student program.)

  • Harvest Festival Fundraiser (Help with check in, ticket sales, corporate sponsors, decorations, and set up/clean up day of.)

  • Teacher Appreciation Day (Provide food, funds, decorations, drinks, and friendship for our teachers and staff at the end of our school year.)

  • Box Tops For Education (Cut, save, and send to school on designated dates. This includes any other promotion that might be started.)

  • Outside Learning Activities (Volunteer to speak to some of our classes about life decisions, employment, etc. Demonstrations would also be welcomed, upon approval from school director.)




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