The vibrant colors of the autumn foliage display vividly the changes that a new season brings. With the arrival of fall, we are reminded that life too is filled with times of change. Reflecting on her educational career that spans nearly 32 years and the nearly 16 years with North New Summit School, Susan Floyd is grateful for the opportunities to invest in students and families. As she begins a new role as the Career Development Coordinator with North New Summit School, she embraces change and her new role with NNSS with excitement and is grateful for the vast experiences to invest in the lives of countless students. “I began with Dr. Nancy New at New Learning Resources School District in 2004. After meeting and talking with Dr. New and seeing her passion, vision, and mission for the Mississippi Delta, I knew our philosophy on education was one in the same and geared towards the diverse needs of today’s students and families and providing individual attention to students. I had to be a part of her vision in helping to bring this to the Mississippi Delta,” said Susan Floyd, North New Summit School Headmaster. Floyd has dedicated her career to the field of education and business administration. “I graduated in 1988 from Delta State University and began my educational career that same year. Over the almost 32-year span of my educational career I have taught in public and private sectors of education as well as adult education. I have taught in Humphreys and Leflore County Schools and at Cruger Tchula Academy for many years. My adult education experience was gained as I worked as pre-employment and employment coordinator with Viking Range Corporation, where I taught adult classes as well as GED classes and oversaw the college course program for all employees. This experience, although unknowingly to me, helped to prepare me in a business aspect for my upcoming new lifelong career with North New Summit School and New Learning Resources School District. During the time at NNSS, I also obtained my administration degree from the University of Southern Mississippi,” Floyd said.


From the inception of North New Summit School, Susan’s dedication to the mission and vision “heart for education and helping people” began with her work with a few students. It quickly outgrew the office space on Grand Blvd. and now encompass the current location on Sgt. John A. Pittman Drive in Greenwood, Mississippi, to nearly 200 students. “Through this journey of a span of 16 years with North New Summit School there have been challenges as any new business would have; but the hard work and the challenges we met have been well outweighed by the rewards we have gained by seeing the many families and students we have been able to help with our services. Not only did we help our students on campus become productive adults within our community, we also help all our surrounding schools, public and private, in providing the education they need for their students to become successful graduates through our on-line programs and summer school courses that, at that time, were the only options for many students. As we grew, we were able to add more programs that opened doors for many students, such as our dyslexia program as well as our ESA Scholarship Program and our Life Help Day Treatment Program and now our Title I Services,” Floyd said. 


With the 2019-2020 school year, Susan eagerly embraces her new role within the school that she loves. She will be the Career Development Coordinator, where she will work with transition programs for North New Summit School students to help them find and secure training and employment upon their graduation. “I have never been big on titles; my duties over the years included everything from janitor of our building to coordinator of services to director of our school. To say I am proud of what we have accomplished here at North New Summit School is an understatement. I say ‘we’ because the success of my 16-year journey is credited to many people – administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and family - that have given their lives to the success of NNSS. And no matter where my journey takes me from here, my heart and soul will always be with North New Summit School and helping our students become the very best they can become,” Floyd said.


Looking to the future with a steadfast vision for success and educational growth and academic opportunities, Susan is hopeful for the years ahead. “I look forward to my new position and seeing the transition of our students into the workforce. I believe now I have gone full circle. I also look forward to seeing and being a part of our school’s future growth. There are still many exciting things ahead for North New Summit School,” Floyd said.